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On Mars Art – Art Review!

 Art made on Mars! You must be  familiar with artworks and photography but have you ever thought of artwork that has a celestial origin?    

  The images captured by the Perseverance Rover have been arranged in an artistic way which shows the best features of Martian soil. This is brought to the masses by “On Mars Art”, founded by Hervé Gonay, a professional with a passion for Mars and expertise on spreading awareness about it.    

  I stumbled upon the website through LinkedIn and the artworks shown on the website are nothing short of futuristic artworks that we could only imagine in science fiction movies! Hervé’s On Mars Art has a great social media presence which promotes Mars facts, art, and generates curiosity among the people about Mars exploration. What I found remarkable was the line – “Artificial Intelligence (A.I.) making art on Mars“. I think it is an important aspect that needs to be remembered. We could explore and get images of Mars because of a Rover, which is a type of a robot with some automation and Artificial Intelligence. The images from another planet in your living room as a unique artwork does sound epic, right? Thus, Hervé decided to start providing artwork prints and delivering them worldwide through the best local providers so that the art appreciators get the Martian artworks at a fair value with a reasonably fast delivery.  

     If you like artworks, Space or Mars, I urge you to at least check out the “Art on Mars” website and social media pages through the links given below! Hervé Gonay is a great person to discuss Mars and Space, so if you would like to collaborate or reach out for any queries, please feel free to do so! 

 Check the website,  which also has prints of Mars photos==>  

Check out on Instagram (Image credits), contact to know more-

LinkedIn –


About the Reviewer-

DarshD is a Blogger, Science Communicator, Analog Astronaut Community Moderator, Writer-reviewer-interviewer-PR since 2019 at , management finance grad, Science Communicator and a content creator (with 10+ years exp) trying to get important information across the globe in the best possible way!

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