Song Review: Single “The Things I Wish I Said” by Niki Kennedy

We have a lot of regrets in life but the worst kind are the things we should have said or could have done while there was still a chance. With limited well written lyrics, melodious voice and catchy music, singer & songwriter Niki Kennedy excels with the original song (Single) "The Things I wish I... Continue Reading →

Book Review- Becoming Off-Worldly: Learning from Astronauts to Prepare for Your Spaceflight Journey by Laura Forczyk

Official Synopsis- In this new era of commercial spaceflight, now is your opportunity to become off-worldly. Learn from experienced astronauts what surprised them about their time off-Earth. Hear from future private astronauts how they are preparing for their trips to space. Get the inside scoop on lesser-known spaceflight training and preparations. Read the personal stories... Continue Reading →

Poetry Book Review- “The Light in The Darkness” by Paul Dulski

Paperback, e-Book (Kindle) & Hardcover released on September 15th, 2017, 156 pages Book available on Amazon- Synopsis:  After a dark time within the life of Paul Dulski, crawling, sacrificing, losing, getting back up and trying to shine throughout the rough days. The Light In the Darkness travels you into a journey where he thought would never... Continue Reading →

On Mars Art – Art Review!

 Art made on Mars! You must be  familiar with artworks and photography but have you ever thought of artwork that has a celestial origin?       The images captured by the Perseverance Rover have been arranged in an artistic way which shows the best features of Martian soil. This is brought to the masses by... Continue Reading →

Comic Review: Invasion from Planet Wrestletopia – Wrestlers from Space, Sci-Fi Comedy, Action & Positivity Makes This Among the Best Stories Ever!

Without spoiling, I review Sci-Fi Action adventure comedy comic with wrestlers from Space called "Invasion from Planet Wrestletopia" by Suspicious Behavior Productions Comics which released these 6 comics in 2020.   Edward Kuehnel (Author) , Matt Entin (Author) , Ed Kuehnel (Author) , Matthew Entin (Author) , Dan Schkade (Illustrator) , Kendall Goode (Illustrator) Synopsis: "Boy Scout" Bob Schultz! Cousin Orville!... Continue Reading →

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